Surrender To Sensual Beginnings

mending, blending, mixing, merging. bringing together, creating union. listening attentively, honoring expansively, all of me. setting loose. immersed. drinking in, receiving nourishment, my goodness, my power, my wild & free. creating wholeness within every part of me through synchronicity. freely flow with all that comes my way. ever changing. evolving. expanding. ever becoming. multifaceted. diving in. all. the. way. in. …

Lisa R CharlesSurrender To Sensual Beginnings

Sacred Space

In the stillness there is magic. There is clarity. There is openness. There is a knowing that cannot be denied. You are home. Coming home to yourself & welcomed with open arms. In the stillness there is peace. Unexplainable peace that cannot be mistaken. It’s so loud that your heart sings. It’s so clear & pure. It’s the center. The …

Lisa R CharlesSacred Space
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2015 – The Year I Open Up & Receive

“Until we can receive with an open heart, we’re never really giving with an open heart.” – Brene Brown  I recently finished reading a book called, “The Go-Giver”, which was the last sign out of many I received that solidified what my word for 2015 was going to be. RECEIVE. AHHH,…I love the sound of it and how it makes …

Lisa R Charles2015 – The Year I Open Up & Receive
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Working My Magic – Sage Magic

He wants more for me, he wants me to stretch myself toward greatness, towards phenomenal.  I can’t blame him. If the shoe was on the other foot, so would I. Last night we talked for hours, until after one in the morning. Our conversation started a little after eight after we got home from the lighting of the tree ceremony …

Lisa R CharlesWorking My Magic – Sage Magic

Currently ~ Lady Bast & A Birth of Some Sorts

These days we find her resting much as she recovers from surgery last week Thursday. She had a hysterectomy. Imaging how she must feel, I can’t help but to hold my womb in honor of her loosing hers. As a woman who has had surgery in regards to my womb, I’m feeling a strong connection to her right now. I’ve …

Lisa R CharlesCurrently ~ Lady Bast & A Birth of Some Sorts
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Lies Dreams Don’t Tell

healing sessions that take me back to a place before i forgot who i was. a place where i remember exactly who i am. who i came here to be. a sacred place. my sacred place. an extension of the infinite. goddess by birthright. a dream that woke me up in the middle of the night that caused me to reach for my pen …

Lisa R CharlesLies Dreams Don’t Tell
Lisa R Charles Woman Goddess  Sensuali

W is for Woman – Layers of Self-Discovery Tour

I love every bit of it The way the moon and the stars dance with it How the heavens worship it Every ebb and every flow of it The unpredictable of it The calm and the coy of it The rage and the roar of it The fear of it The desire for it The want for it The allure …

Lisa R CharlesW is for Woman – Layers of Self-Discovery Tour
Lisa R Charles I Decided To Stay

Decided To Stay

The day hasn’t even begun and yet I can feel the anxiety creeping up over me, coming into me, ready to make me it’s home. I can’t decide if my bed is the safest place for me to be right now or if I need to turn around, put my feet on the ground, and stand firm. Slowly I begin …

Lisa R CharlesDecided To Stay
The Layers of Self-Discovery Tour {A to Z}

The Layers of Self-Discovery Tour

I’m so excited to be a part of this amazing tour, with these amazing women. 26 women, sharing openly, candidly, and fiercely. 26 women on a journey of self-discovery, removing layers, hoping that you would join them too. 26, our number (my husband and I), a number that guides our life and our family. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to …

Lisa R CharlesThe Layers of Self-Discovery Tour
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Currently Where The Light Is – A Writer’s Life And More

The day is coming to a close and I’m stealing a moment away to write and release some penned up feelings. As a writer I am supposed to write and when I write I’m supposed to write well. At least this is how I see it but it doesn’t always happen this way. Last night my husband edited my writing …

Lisa R CharlesCurrently Where The Light Is – A Writer’s Life And More