I’m A Naked Sushi Girl

Oh yeah!! Lay me on the table, dress me with food that’s fleshy and moist, stand there and stare for a moment taking it all in. After that, make your decision about what you want to eat first and where you’re going to start. My thighs, tummy, breast, or somewhere more adventurous? The choice is ALL yours 😉

The thought of me laying there being a being a food platter sends chills up my spine. Not because of the draft but from of all the eyes watching and checking up on it, removing all that Sushi one by one. Yes, just how I like it!

Ok, so I haven’t exactly tried this (yet) but I would loooovvveee to.

What’s it gonna be, Sushi anyone?

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Lisa R CharlesI’m A Naked Sushi Girl

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