Jul 19, 2008

Can I Love You, Truly?

Don't go. Why? Because I need you. I'm scared. Of what? I don't exactly know....but I am. I'm, I'm missing you already and you're not even gone yet. Are you still going? Ok, I know, you have too. But I'm going to miss you. Miss you something terrible. I feel so alone. But I can...I can let you go and just be. It's what you want, right? To just be? Ok...done.

Lesson ~ To truly love, you have to sacrifice. You have to give even if it hurts and even if you're afraid. If you truly love then you will put yourself aside, and let life live. Let love be free. That's-true-love.

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  1. wow! I cannot say how much I am truly truly truly feeling you here sis! wow...


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