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Lisa R CharlesAhhh….Spring!

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  1. Sheliza

    Hey Lisa!! I know it’s spring from all this sniffling and sneezing I have been carrying on with! I am not a lover of spring at all. I do still love to see everything in bloom (just minus the pollen clouds and bugs)

    🙂 Shelly

  2. Lisa C Writes

    Hi Shelly!!
    I choose share the brighter side of spring…but since you brought it up (lol), let’s talk about it!
    I never, ever was bothered by pollen but I noticed last year I started to feel sinus pressure so I paid attention. Well this year, if I go outside I come home with a slight headache. Now, I haven’t had a headache in over 2 & 1/2 years since I’ve been drinking Alkaline water (yes, that’s a plug for Alkaline water…lol). This is not funny! And, let’s not start in on the bugs!! However, I decided to approach bugs differently this year all because of my children. I watch them as they love bugs and how they interact with them. They would pick them up, talk to them, they don’t want us to harm them. We were out yesterday re-potting some plants and they stopped and acknowledged each and every bug that came our way!
    So I will welcome them, but I gotta tell you the first site of one of those things trying to attack me, I just might have to pull out my Kung Fu Panda on them…ya nah mean 😉

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