Feb 22, 2012

Who's That Peeking In My Window?

I often wonder who reads my blog. Who are the readers that stay quietly in back, reading the pages of my online space, who never speak, but will always read. I do often wonder what you are thinking and feeling as you read, while I continue to share.

Well, whoever you are and wherever you are just know you are appreciated by me.

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  1. Coming out of lurking.....I enjoy your blog :)

  2. Thanks for always sharing! I read mostly via email but comment when I can. You are right you never know who is reading. ;)

  3. LOL! I was thinking something very similar yesterday. Looking at the page and post views but no comments is weird but hey at least someone is reading it! Be blessed love!

  4. I think we all think that. Thanks for saying it for us.

  5. I'll admit it... there are times that I peek and run! :)


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