I’m A New Fast Girl with Lady of The Hour – Jasai Madden

For the past 7 Monday’s I have had the utmost priviledge of being part of an awesome movement that has literally been life changing. And the best part about it is, I’m not alone. 
It’s a movement! It’s life changing! It’s an on going life journey! What is it?It’s The New Fast Girls! 
The New Fast Girls: Fasting: An Ancient Practice For the Modern Girl by Jasai Madden
Our fast begins Monday morning at sunrise to Tuesday morning at sunrise – an entire 24 hours. During this time all kinds of things come up for me that require my undivided attention. I remember one week I came face to face with that little diva in me (we refer to her as our little girl) who eats just for comfort when she’s not even hungry. Boy oh boy was she pissed off at me. She wanted me to EAT! She wanted me to stick some food in my mouth because she wasn’t “feeling” good, she was confronting me, asking me questions like, why in the hell are you doing this to yourself? What’s the freakin’ point? When you are hungry all kind of ugly can come out but the best part of it all is telling her how much I love her, not to worry I’m doing this for our good.

Each week since starting my fast I find myself looking forward to Monday’s and as other women have shared, so do they. We know that it’s the day we dig down deep and find reservoirs of strength we never knew we had and that’s priceless. All through the day we are encouraged with messages from Jasai and other ladies in the group to “stay strong, to keep moving forward, you can do it, and most importantly – drink your water”. 
Fasting in an ancient practice that has been so beneficial in the lives of many. Growing up I used to watch my Mom and Dad fast for a few hours during the day and eat at a certain time. As I got older I would fast off and on, following a practice that I witnessed but understood little about. Fasting with The New Fast Girls has been a total different experience for me. 
The difference: I OWN MY PRACTICE.
Deciding to fast an entire 24 hours while I continue my life as usual which includes preparing meals for my family that look and smell delicious is not an easy thing to do – especially during dinner hours when ordering out is not an option. This is a decision that I’ve made and will continue to make for myself as long as it continues to be beneficial for me. Not only has it been beneficial for me, but also for my children and husband. They continue to support me and cheer me on and my oldest daughter has even begun doing it with me. I’m stronger, I have more energy, I’m much more conscious of what I eat, how much I’m eating and have trained myself to stop when I’m no longer hungry – instead of eating to the point of being stuffed. (I can’t stand how I feel after I eat and I know I’ve eaten too much). 

Join Us.
Considering becoming a part of this movement. 
You will have a tremendous amount of support.
You will meet women who are…JUST LIKE YOU.
The benefits are endless, of course you won’t know unless you begin.
First Thing First
You are important so why not invest in yourself. Invest in YOU!
Get the book!
If you are new to fasting you will want to read the book before getting started.
If you decide that this is for you and you are on Facebook, let me know and I will add you to our private group.

You can order the book directly from Jasai’s website: Kitchen Pretty or from Amazon, the Kindle Edition.

Here It From The Goddesses Mouth.
Check out Jasai Madden herself in a video interview she did with my friend, Execumama Akilah Richards.

Also be sure to follow Jasai around the web:
Facebook: The New Fast Girls
Twitter: @thenewfastgirl


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Lisa R CharlesI’m A New Fast Girl with Lady of The Hour – Jasai Madden

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  1. Sharon

    Lisa, you are such an awesome and beautiful person. I admire and love you from afar. You have brought many a smile to my face on Facebook.
    I have never fasted before. My father use to do a three day fast, it was more about getting closer to God than, food or body issues. He would ask if I would like to join him but, the thought of not eating for even one day did not delight me.
    I have considered doing the cleanse . . . which seems sort of like a fast but, still the thought of not eating isn’t delighting me.
    I am curious about this Fast Girls idea so, I am going to definitely look at the video and the book. However, I am not ready to join the group but, if I there I will send you a message.
    (Sharon aka True Urban Queen — just to let you know who I am.)I will be visiting more often.
    Good luck, much success, and understanding as you continue on your journey.

  2. Don

    Good luck and good deal on the 24hr fasting. I can’t remember the last time I’ve fasted – probably as a young kid when my aunt would make the decision for us.

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I resented my aunt for this. Lol. And it always seemed to occur on Sundays. After church. After I’d sat in church and worked up a tremendous appetite for some of her good soul food dishes.

    I’m impressed at your ability to fast while still preparing meals. #willpower

  3. The New FastGirls

    We absolutely LOVE your New Fast Girl energy! That you have jumped in and made yourself at home in this practice and among these very different women is something I continue to be grateful for. I encourage you to stay steady for as long as the practice serves you and because it is of great importance not only to you and your family but to all of those who practice with you.

    It is super to have you back in my personal orbit too! It’s been forever! Thank you again and for every Monday you spend changing your life and changing the world

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