Mar 22, 2012

Parish Atlanta - Review of the Day

Parish is a unique dining experience in the evolving community in Inman Park Atlanta, GA. Their website describes them best as, "...unique people and lively music all coming together in this melting pot of Southern vibrant culture within Inman Park - Parish: Foods and Goods. Catering to no one by catering to everyone, PARISH is a restaurant, a market, a deli, a community haven." 

I love this little restaurant; especially for their tasty, scrumptious breakfast foods and teas! Speaking of teas, one of my favorites is the Ginger Pear Tea...delish!

Parish has two sides to it, both of which I truly enjoy. Upstairs, in their restaurant you can experience both indoor and outdoor dining with a full waiter service. Here is where you can enjoy a taste of their brunch or dinner foods which are tasty dishes like their infamous Belgium Waffles! Brunch is only offered on Saturday's and Sunday's from 10-3. I made the mistake of showing up with an empty belly, ready to sink my teeth into some good ole waffles only to find out upstairs dining for brunch was closed. Dinner starts at 5:30 on Tuesday - Sunday and they are closed on Mondays. 

The decor is gorgeous and makes me feel like I've stepped into another country. The nude statue...tantalizing!

Downstairs, you'll find the market where you can also dine in or out. Outside has a more casual, chill, relaxed feeling than on the patio upstairs. Inside you'll find a huge communal type table that gives you the feeling of dining with a community. If that's not your preferred dining experience, they do have individual tables as well. The market is definitely a casual experience - a perfect place to meet up with friends. 

Parish has been one my favorite Sunday morning brunch spots to hit up with hubby when we can find the time.  If you're from Atlanta or are ever in the Atlanta area, be sure to put Parish on your list of places to visit.  And when you're there tell them Lisa C. sent you!  

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  1. Couple family members tried telling me about a place located on North Highland that served great food and were many different things wrapped in one.

    Now that you've included pics I've a better idea, co-sign awesome decor. Probably check it out during a summer visit to the city.

  2. Don ~ You will not be disappointed! Let me know when you're thinking about visiting.


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