Escape Routes Meetup Atlanta at Twelve Hotel

Do you play and are you playing to win??

Last week I was invited the Atlanta Escape Route Meetup event. If you haven’t heard about it already, Escape Route is a reality t.v/game show that airs on NBC at 8pm eastern on Saturdays. I had a great time watching the teams have fun with each other on the stage as they answered questions from the audience and confidently stated why the thought their team was going to win. They were hilarious and very competitive in a sporty kind of way. The ballroom was filled with many supporters, fans (young and old), media, and guests who came out to meet the teams up close and personal. One of the team members said that Atlanta was the best meetup thus far. It was great getting to seeing all the different personalities of the teams and seeing “who’s who” of the bunch.

Tami Reed, Talking With Tami was the Moderator for the event and she did a fabulous job, as always. iJustine (digital host) and Rossi Morreale are the hosts of the show and know how to keep you entertained as they follow the teams on the many crazy and wacky challenges from state to state. Check out iJustine and Rossi chatting it up with some fans and the teams when they were on a challenge in NY and then again with fans at the meetup in NY that evening. 

There are six teams who travel nationwide competing with one another in a new 2013 Ford Escape. The best part of it all is they don’t do this alone. Their fans are in on it too and help their teams to win each challenge by interacting with them through live video feeds in their cars and loft. The ultimate prize is $100,000 and a new 2013 Ford Escape! If you are on twitter you can find all the teams through the following links. The teams are as follows: Brett & Ross #teamyoutube, Team Chekesha & Tiffany, Team Drew & Derek,  Iris & Terrence #GreyTeam #SouthernGremlins, Bre & Tara #teamred, Sharon & Wilson (Will) #Teamblue #PlatanoExpress. Also, check out the team page, get to know them, decide on who you want to join teams with, learn HOW IT WORKS, sign up here, and help them to WIN, WIN, WIN!! 

I had the privilege of meeting one of TeamBlue #PlatanoExpress (Will & Sharon’s) die hard fan at the meetup. In fact I sat right next to him and had no idea. He’s so dedicated to helping his team win he traveled 4 hours just to meet them in person. When the teams walked into the room Will and Sharon walked right over to Gary, shook his hand, and even gave him a hug. This game allows you to get real personal with the cast to the point they know who their supporters are and show their appreciation in many ways. Gary got Will to come outside after the meetup event was over and take a picture with me…too cool! Thanks, Will!

I asked Gary if he would share with my readers why he’s a fan and big time supporter of team blue. Here is what he had to say:

“Hi Lisa, Why did I choose Wilson and Sharon (the Blue Team) on the Escape Routes reality show? Looking at the 6 team profiles, I noticed that Will was a truck driver and Sharon was a radio personality. I drive a lot in my job as a USA Today District Sales Manager in East Tennessee. Compared to the other teams, the Blue team was the closest to my career path and closest to my age. I committed to supporting their efforts as I started to learn about them and this new experiment in mixing media to promote a new product. In only 3 weeks, I have learned all about Plantains, Will’s boxing career, Sharon’s radio career, some new Spanish words and new tricks in social media. Their energy as brother and sister tolerating each other on a 6 week road trip is highly entertaining. On Monday, I drove 4 hours to Atlanta to meet them and as you witnessed was warmly greeted by both of them like I had been in their family for years. Amazing what happens if you just open your mind to the possibilities of the next moment. Where will it all lead? I have no idea, but I can’t wait to experience it. Stay tuned!”

Be sure to watch the next episode Saturday at 8pm est on NBC and follow the whole crew and their fans as they tweet using the hashtag #EscapeRoutes

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Lisa R CharlesEscape Routes Meetup Atlanta at Twelve Hotel

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