The Sexy Game of Flirting

I’m a flirt and just can’t help it 😉
Ladies, ever been in a situation where you came in contact with someone who was staring you down and checking you out? How does that make you feel? Do you relish in the attention? Do you bat your eyes? Do you become uncomfortable? Do you quickly look away? Do you engage them in their stare? Do you become inviting to their potential “hello”? What do you do?
I (if I’m interested in playing), invite. Why? Because I want more, more attention. Who doesn’t? I love to be engaged, loved to be admired, adored, wanted. Who doesn’t? I give the same. If I see someone who has caught my attention, I admire, adore, and will make them feel good up close or from a distance. It doesn’t matter how, but you will know.

Flirting is sexy! Flirting is fun! Flirting is healthy! 

We all do it in some shape, form, or another. We all flirt with something or someone at some point. Why? Because flirting is natural. Flirting is so natural we sometimes don’t even realize we are doing it. Flirting can be a way for us to express our unique selves with others we are drawn to or who are drawn to us. 

When you know you’ve got someones attention do you walk a little sexier? Do you stick out your chest and pull in your tummy? Do you stroke your hair? Do you smile a little more? Do you give them something more to look at in order to keep the attention coming your way? We are all a little guilty of it – I guess you can say it’s one of those guilty pleasures in life. It’s one of those pleasures we either indulge in very subtly or sometimes we are outright with it. Some of us know how to do it well, and in both ways, at different times, depending on who our “prey” is. 
Now, how do you feel about flirting when it comes to your relationship? 

My husband doesn’t mind me flirting and having fun with it. Having fun in terms of it making me feel good, feel sexier, feel free to be as expressive as I want to be. I’m not going to hurt anyone or take advantage of his trust, it’s about having fun to us. Sometimes he likes to watch me flirt with others – it’s a major turn on for him and I. Can you imagine seeing your lover flirting with another while they know you are watching? It’s delightful! It’s explosive! And it leads to some really great sex!
I like mine a little different. I don’t care to watch, I like to hear about it. I remember one time him telling me of a woman he worked with that was very fond of him. I mean the kind of fond that would fix their hair upon his arrival to work. Oh yeah – I had the privilege of witnessing this myself. We pulled up at his job and she was sitting at the receptionist desk. He got out of the car and walked towards the door she immediately pulled out her pocket mirror and did a little one, two touch-up. I giggled to myself and watched as she smiled, giggled, and talked to him. I wasn’t mad at her. Why should I have been? He, fine as hell, friendly, nice – boss man. She, a woman. Need I say more? 
Now, back to “I like mine a little different”. One day he came home and shared with me that this same woman needed something from him but it had to wait because he was already talking to someone. She didn’t walk away and leave, she came up behind him, real close, and brushed her breast up against his back! She did it and moved away. He stopped in the middle of talking to think to himself, did she just do what I think she did? LOL! Are you one of those Ladies who like to flirt in this way? – semi undercover?

Here is what turned me on: 
The fact that my husband could come home and share this with me!  
I didn’t panic or freak out. I’m keen to the idea of it possibly turning him on as well. I’m turned on when he is turned on. But that’s not the end all, be all in the world. IT’S NATURAL! A gentle breeze can blow by and can turn someone on. I look at that as nature flirting with you. Flirting is natural and fun, can be harmless and a way to create open, honest, and safe communication with your lover.

Are you a flirt? Does your lover know you flirt and how do they feel about it? How do you/would you feel about your lover flirting?

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Lisa R CharlesThe Sexy Game of Flirting

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  1. Execumama

    Love this, Lisa! I definitely believe in embracing our Goddess status and allowing our playful, flirtatious selves to be part of our daily interactions. Flirting usually has a sexual undertone, but I see it as a multi-faceted action that can be used in light-hearted environments with friends, or more sexually explored and expressed with consenting partners. What a yummilicious post!

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