Atlanta Carnival 2012 Pt. 3

Fun times are the best times. Life is meant to be enjoyed, fully! Enjoy your life in anyway you can and desire to do so, you will not regret it!

Round 3 of our Atlanta Carnival 2012 celebrations landed us in a familiar place, The Royal Peacock Club located in Sweet Auburn Avenue in Atlanta. The Royal Peacock Club has been around for many, many years and is now enjoyed by the very much young at heart who listen to Rap, Reggae, and Soca.


Saturday night we put on our dancing shoes and headed to Peacock. It was Carnival Reload, the night after the parade. This night was all about winding down for some or keeping up the pace from the parade, whatever your flow needed to be you had space to do that. We got there a little before midnight which meant we were getting in free tonight and we ate on the way to maximize on our time. One of the things I love about Peacock is the short lines. We never stand in line longer than a few minutes and then it’s up the infamous red stairs we go.
At Peacock you never could know what to expect. On some nights you think it will be pumping and explosive, but it’s dead and then on other nights it’s like walking into another world where it’s full to capacity. Saturday night we opened the doors and stepped inside to a club that was pumping with music, people dancing, liming, having a good time and well on it’s way to being full. This was just the night we wanted/needed to experience. We were tired after night two and really wanted the night to be worth it so we were happy with what we saw. I loved the all night $3 Margarita drink that was specially made for this occasion. Hubby had a cup and I took some sips, it was delicious.
We ordered a booth and Hookah, got a bucket of beer because we got the booth and spent the night giving it away because I don’t drink beer and it wasn’t Corona – Hubby’s choice of beer. So a mint Hookah was on the tab for the night, a booth, friends, dancing in my lace, and fun! The night was crazy!! The energy in the place was crazy high and stimulated all of my senses. We didn’t close the club down but came close. Looking forward to the next round, which will be the grand finale.
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Lisa R CharlesAtlanta Carnival 2012 Pt. 3

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  1. Don

    This was just the night we wanted/needed to experience.

    sounds like the both of you had a wonderful time. I co-sign your sentiments about enjoying life. I pledge the same.

    Those pics, man, girl you go hard. I ain’t lying.

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