May 28, 2012

The Way You Think of Me

I love the way you think of me,
how thoughtful you are to have me in your mind.
The compliments, ohhh how they make me feel.
It puts a little pep in my step,
a little more teeth to my smile,
a little more warmth to my body.
I linger in the mirror a little longer,  
just thinking of you.
I think about your admiration for me,
your appreciation of me,
and your desire for me.
Each time I think of you, I think of me.
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Copyright © 2012
This poem was inspired by Bentlily One Poem A Day. Thanks to the founder, Samantha Reynolds, I’ve been getting poems in my inbox for sometime now and have been inspired to start back writing my own poems again. Bentlily was brought to my attention by an amazing woman who also inspires me to live my life fiercely and courageously, Danielle LaPorte. Check out both of these awesome women who have touched my life in a special way.


  1. I like this! Thanks for sharing.
    Poems are a great way to express yourself.

  2. Thanks Latorsha! I'm going to have fun with this!

  3. Love the prose. Touching.

    Poetry is a great way to express oneself, I agree.


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