Fabulous Finds Friday #17…Tantra

Hi Friends!!

Before I share this Fabulous Find with you I want to take a moment to say thank you! Thank you to all of my readers, new and good ‘ole faithfuls, who continue to support Lisa C Writes. You are true gems!!

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Today’s Fabulous Find comes from a post that was shared on Facebook a few weeks ago. After following the link to the website, and checking it out in it’s entirety, I’ve decided that it is a must have for us.

It’s called The Tantra Chair, what you see in the picture below. Now, I can describe what it’s used for and how it’s used, but that will not do it any justice. You’ll find out why this chair is so special, all the different ways to use it, and how you can get your claws on it as you follow the link I provide for you. Yes, it will be taking you away from my blog, which is a big no, no when it comes to “blogging rules” but, I have no doubt you will return. As I said in the beginning of this post, you guys are true gems and you’ll return to Lisa C Writes for all the pure goodies, and sweetness abound 😉

Now, here is the link…WAIT! I almost forgot! Before I give you this link I need to throw up a *warning*. This link will lead you to a very, very, explicit, graphic, video (with some cool music so get ready to put some volume control on it), that will show you in detail the ins and outs of this dynamic chair. Now that you know, use the link at your own discretion. Enjoy 😉 

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Lisa R CharlesFabulous Finds Friday #17…Tantra

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