A New Taste On Oral

Guest Post by, Osage Lee

Let’s face it, close to 90% of the sexually active population has had or will have oral meetings, exchanges or even gatherings. With that being said, “Swallow or Spit?”.

Some women can care less about the taste of their man, the flavor just comes with the territory and some woman aren’t too partial to the taste of sperm, but either keep it in their mouth or force swallow just to please him. This article is for the latter.
This article will guide you in the right direction and challenge your knowledge on the taste of Semen AKA Sperm AKA Joy Juice.

For me, it started about 4 years ago, when I began to do an annual 2 week detox.  The first week required me to have only organic fruits and vegetables, bottled water, green tea and a detox tea.  No oils, no dairy, no carbs, no starch, no….  Well, you get the point. It was a challenge to say the least. By the third day my partner decides to help me out with some surprise sex. She then ends it on a good note.  Oral! Just the release I need.  She smiles and said, “You taste citrus-y. Not a specific fruit, but like a non-bitter vitamin C chewable”.

Needless to say, I sparked her curiosity on my newly found flavor of love. No Flavor Flav pun intended. I continued the week eating mangos, grapes, strawberries and blackberries for breakfast with a bottle of water. Lunch, I would have steamed broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, carrots, something to that effect along with green tea. Dinner would be a romaine salad, maybe kale salad, green peas, corn, etc with the detox tea.  Bananas, fuji apples, d’anjou pears, watermelon for snacks.

By the end of the first week, she was all smiles saying, “I can get use to this. You taste just like an orange. Lay back, I want some more.” And yes I enjoyed every bit of it. Then began the second week. For me, it was the week from hell! But, I do like to challenge myself so, I was up for it. The second week was liquids only. Fruits and veggies from a juicer only, along with a potassium broth for my overall well being. My water and tea intake increase this week due to the lack of solid foods.

Fast-forward to the end of the second week. I’m finally finished, I’ve completed my challenge. What to do? How about some victory sex! After about an hour or so I’m feeling it. She says, “Pull it out, I want to taste you”. Who am I to deny her request? I believe in sexual healing and it was obviously something my body needed, because of the multiple orgasms I had in her mouth. 2, 3, damn 4! After calming down, I opened my eyes to find her with a strange look on her face. The look is that of pleasure, amazement and confusion. What is it, I asked? “It is light and doesn’t have a flavor.” Light? No flavor?“Yes, it wasn’t thick like it normally is, milkshake consistency. It was more like water.” Well, did it taste like water? “No, it had NO flavor, not sweet, not musky. Even water has a flavor. It was more like liquid air.”

I don’t have an exact science for this occurrence, but I do know I can always get back to that place with a little bit of work. If not for me, at least for her enjoyment. There are companies trying to sale pills in order to sweeten the taste of semen. Then there are certain dietitians that claim the man should eat more parsley and mango, while avoiding broccoli, asparagus and garlic. I ate it all!

In my opinion, the key elements for better tasting sperm is all in a consistent diet of fruits, veggies, plenty of water and avoiding meats, and dairy when able. That’s the reason why vegetarians are supposedly better tasting. But, the majority of us aren’t vegetarians. Try to incorporate more fruits, veggies and water into your diet. Don’t eliminate but, try to cut back on the steak, hamburgers, bacon, cheese, milk, yogurt. It almost feels like I told you all to commit an unwritten sin.

By the way, this works on women as well.  So, challenge yourself and your partner. What’s the worst that can happen? You loose 15lbs in 2 weeks, cure minor ailments, have clearer skin and healthier hair, feel more energetic. Oh, and did I mention… Taste better!
Lisa R CharlesA New Taste On Oral

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