Decorative Inspirations #7 HGTV!

My, my, my, it’s been hot and steamy up in here lately, and I like it! Y’all know how much I like hot and steamy, don’t ya? Well, if you don’t by now take a peek into my archives, under the file “hot n steamy” to get an idea. Enjoy, and please, please don’t hurt yourself, LOL!

Taking a bit of a step in another direction, I’ve been indulging myself in the t.v. shows on HGTV lately, (my new favorite channel) and have fallen in love with quite a few shows. Love It Or List It, is at the top of the list. Million Dollar Rooms is to die for. Property Virgins, (hosted by V-103’s on-air personality, Egypt) is on the list as well, and last but not least, The Junk Gypsies. I just have fallen in love with the talent that comes out of those two sisters. There are many, many more but these are at the top for now. So once again I’ve been inspired to get back into decorating/rearranging/and a new found inspiration, a little DIY projects. 

Here are a few pictures that I found on Pinterest that has sparked some inspiration. 

Simple center piece for the table.

DIY Bed Canopy


Adding multiple throw pillows on the couch

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Lisa R CharlesDecorative Inspirations #7 HGTV!

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