Learning to Love Him Without Conditions


Observing my King and, especially observing him with his children is something I love to do. I experience his unwavering love during times like these, as it flows through his being, from his depths into our hearts. We follow, as he leads. 

He has taught me how to Love another, deeper, through the years. He has challenged me to rise above myself, in-spite of myself in order to learn how to love without conditions. This is an ongoing commitment that doesn’t come without it’s challenges. However, in the process I’ve learned to love myself with the same convictions and for that, this is all worth it. He’s my best-friend. His love has never wavered, never left my side, he’s solid, I’m certain of that. I will forever be grateful for the gift that he is to me, to us and, to you

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Lisa R CharlesLearning to Love Him Without Conditions

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