Change cannot be ignored. When it’s time, it’s time.

Afraid of jumping in and letting go.

Wanting to, but afraid.

Still one foot on the shore while the other one already in.

Jump, please, now. Go.

Deep breath, deep breath again. 

Feeling more certain now. Feeling excited and ready.


What will happen? Will everything be different? What will remain the same?

I want to know. I have to know. I must know before I jump in.

But, I won’t know.

I won’t know until I do it, until I take that risk of not knowing but trusting.

Okay. I’m ready. 

Catch me, please. I’m ready.

Don’t let me drown, please. I’m ready.

I’m ready.

I’m ready.

The most unpleasant moments in our lives involve change. Change that’s unexpected and expected. One thing we cannot do is avoid it. We may ignore it, but that won’t last. 
I always feel the wind of change upon me. Sometimes I’m ready for it and other times I’m not. I see it coming and try my best to ignore it because my initial thought is, “Oh, not again. Didn’t we just experience this? Things are going smooth for me now. Things are going great.” But ignoring it never works. The more I respect this the easier it becomes to go with my natural, internal, wise, flow. It may not be what others want me to do either, but that cannot mean more to me than obeying the direction from within. 
You cannot serve others while betraying yourself. You come first.
Whispers From My Soul (TM) ~ My best advice to you and to me is to listen. Listen to the changes that need to take place. Our soul knows what’s best and trying to fight it only denies us of our very best selves. You deserve this. We deserve to grow into the next phases of our lives. Listen with you heart and receive whatever you hear, it’s for your good. Follow your path, you will never go wrong.  
How do you deal with the constant changes of life? What are some things you do to make it easier to deal with?

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Lisa R CharlesChange cannot be ignored. When it’s time, it’s time.

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  1. W Lotus

    How I deal depends on the change. If it’s a change I am willingly making, I spend a lot of time and energy reassuring myself and praising every baby step I make towards that change, no matter how scary. If it’s a change that was forced upon me, I must first reassure myself it is okay to grieve and even feel rage for however long and however intense I feel it. Only then can I get on with the business of moving into a new phase.

    Six years ago I was forced into a change I was not ready for by people who did not have my best interests in mind. Last year I felt I was finally coming out of the grieving process, but in some ways I am still moving through it. My baby steps have needed baby steps, so painful was the change. But I’m coming through it a step at a time.

  2. Lisa R Charles

    Thanks for sharing. I can feel you, deeply, and sincerely. I feel you still going through the process as I relate to my own. I like how you put it, “baby steps within baby steps”.

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