Life By The Water…

…and beautiful palm trees everywhere.


Life by the water is exactly what we needed. It’s exactly what I needed. Our new beginnings starts here.

The days are much warmer now. My cooler days, my cooler days are definitely past me. Getting use to the warm weather is something we better do fast.
“Drink lots of water”, is one of the remedies highly recommend by the locals and “get in the shade as much as you can”, is another remedy we hear. 
For now, I think I’ll stick to drinking plenty of water, but being in the sun feels so damn good to me. 
Plenty of sun and plenty water, water to drink, and lots and lots of water to swim in. That’s my remedy. That’s what I longed for. That’s why I’m here.

 Getting used to playgrounds that are covered with sand.
Visiting and playing in the sand is one thing, living with it around you, near you, regularly, is another. They are in heaven. 



Our daily views. 
My heart oozes with joy because of this. I’ve always desired this experience for them, for me, for us.






Moments like these is why having a camera ready to snap is so worth it. I love Atlanta for many reasons but Florida has captured my heart. 
We’re here to stay, to soak up the sun, to run our fingers and toes through the sand, and listen to the stories of the waters.

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Lisa R CharlesLife By The Water…

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